Tree Trimming and/or Removal Policy

Draft 5-20-2013

Cabin John Gardens, Inc. (CJG) is a 19.27 acre single family housing cooperative. The Board of Directors (BOD), acting on behalf of the cooperative, may receive requests from members and other sources regarding tree issues to be addressed. Outlined below is the procedure CJG BOD will follow on these items:

    1. The CJG General Manager is the Point Of Contact for tree-related issues.

    2. Requests are reviewed by the BOD for decisions on action needed, if any.

    3. CJG is responsible for removing dead trees or limbs on cooperative property which pose a potential for damage or harm. A tree or branch 8" or less in diameter that has fallen to the ground and is not affecting a structure or fence must be removed at the expense of the member. Tree diameter is measured at a height of 1.2 meters above the ground.

    4. Removal of larger trees (8” or larger) by members at their expense requires the submission of a home/yard modification. All relevant requirements related to the home/yard modification process must be followed. This includes neighbor review.

    5. The BOD may obtain advice from our insurance company, an arborist, or a tree removal company. Once all the necessary information has been received, the BOD will determine whether the tree or limb should be removed and the portion of the costs to be borne by the cooperative and by the member respectively.

    6. Members are responsible for proactively maintaining smaller trees of 8” diameter or less on the land surrounding the home they occupy. In addition, members should identify safety and liability issues with larger trees as soon as they arise and report them to the BOD.

    7. If a request for tree action is not approved by the BOD, a letter will be sent to the member summarizing the decision rationale.

    8. Members do not need to request permission for the removal of small trees, defined as any tree less than 8” in diameter.

    9. Trees on Army Corp of Engineers or National Park Service property are maintained by Montgomery County and the Park Service respectively. The BOD refers any tree-related issues on these outside properties to the appropriate agency. Trees and shrubs growing on Park Service property are not to be altered or chemically treated in any manner.

    10. Tree removals that become necessary in connection with new construction or renovations are the responsibility of members.

    11. Violations of this policy would be settled through the dispute resolution process.