Home/Yard Modification

Members proposing certain modifications to their home or yard are required to present to the Board of Directors for approval, copies of the plans, and designs or drawings of the proposed changes. Please use the Application for Modification Form in the PDF document linked below. This document is still evolving and may be updated from time to time. Always check for the latest version of the documentation package, by downloading it from this page or by visiting the office during office hours. For future reference, after application, the information becomes part of each membership’s official file.

The following list of actions requires presentations to the Board of Directors:

    1. A change in the elevations (exterior profile), height, or footprint of a home (including but not limited to: putting on an addition or porch, adding a second floor, raising the roof elevation, adding a garage, razing the home to erect a new home, or in any way changing the existing footprint or slab);

    2. A new shed or outbuilding more than 175 cubic feet, deck, pool, hot tub, retaining wall (over 30”), driveway or any other structure requiring a Montgomery County permit;

    3. A new fence or a replacement fence if the height, kind or location differs from existing fence or if no permit has ever been issued for an existing fence being replaced (see County policy later in the document);

  1. A new patio or other hardscape that measures more than 100 square feet.

    1. Solar installations that are not flush roof mounted;

    2. Any permit that Montgomery County DPS requires also requires CJG approval through the Home/Yard Modification process; this includes permits to modify approved drawings. The only exceptions are for interior electrical, plumbing, and similar permits where work is not visible from the exterior and does not affect neighbors.

Please click on the download arrow on the right-hand side of this page below, to save the Home/Yard Modification documentation package to your computer, then print it, fill it out completely, and submit the completed hard copy to the office.

You may need to print out multiple copies of the Neighbor Review Form (page 7), one for each of your neighbors who may be affected by the modification. If you do not know which neighbors you should provide copies to, ask the manager. Additional hard copies of the documentation package are available from the office during office hours. Always contact the manager (manager@cjgardens.org) when you are submitting a Home/Yard Modification application, so that you can be scheduled on the agenda for the next regular Board meeting.