Policy on Review and Approval of Applicants for Membership

Cabin John Gardens treats all applicants for membership consistently, equally, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Board of Directors reviews applicants for financial responsibility and moral character, as required by the By-Laws. This includes a credit check and a background screening. If these documents raise any questions, the Board will discuss the questions with the applicant during the applicant interview.

Since each individual on the membership is independently liable for payments, the Board of Directors must review any new applicant as follows:

  1. Add an adult occupant. The current member(s) and the new applicant have the option of (1) reapplying jointly so that all financials are considered or (2) allowing the applicant to apply individually in which case he or she must qualify individually (financial and background screening). If he or she fails to qualify as an individual, the current member(s) and the new applicant can reapply jointly. Note that whenever any membership is owned by two or more persons, the ownership thereof shall be deemed to be joint with right of survivorship.

  2. Returning member. If a member sells his or her membership and then returns to CJG and wishes to be added to a membership or purchase a new membership, no new application is required if (1) the gap in time is less than one year between sale of membership and application for membership, (2) the record indicates the member had left in good standing financially and had been compliant with all Cabin John Gardens by-laws and other governing documents, and (3) the Board has no reason to believe that there has been a change in circumstance that would cast doubt on ability to pay or on character.

  3. Transfer of membership upon death of member. A non-member named as heir or otherwise inheriting a membership must apply and be reviewed as a new member if that person intends to keep the membership. An executor is not required to apply during the probate and final execution of the will.

  4. Delete a member. To delete a member from a membership, the remaining member(s) must provide documentation that the member being deleted agrees with the deletion.

approved May 18, 2015