2017 Annual Meeting will be held on December 7, 2017, at 7:30 pm

Post date: Dec 5, 2017 9:35:48 PM

The full agenda for the 2017 Annual Membership Meeting is posted in the Files section below. The document includes relevant bylaws guidelines, statements from the nominees for Board of Directors, some helpful co-op facts, and the proposed 2018 annual budget, which will be voted on at the meeting. To view the document as a PDF or download it to your computer, please click on the document title at the bottom of the page or click on the download arrow to the right of it.

If you cannot attend the Annual Membership Meeting, please do exercise your right to vote, by executing a proxy form and entrusting it to one of your neighbors who will attend the meeting (and who is not already carrying a proxy vote for a different member). You can find the standard forms for proxy voting at this page on the web site.

Order of Business:

Notice of meeting, proof of

Minutes of September 2017 Quarterly Community Meeting

Minutes of October 26th, 2017 Special Community Meeting

Officer and committee reports

    • Audit Committee

    • 2 Webb Rd Legal Committee

    • Note: The settlement with the former tenant at 2 Webb Rd has been successfully completed. The Montgomery County Circuit Court case number was 431195-V.

    • Community Tree Committee

    • Reserve Committee

Old Business

    • Status of the sales of the rental houses

    • Storm drain openings (from December 2016 Annual Meeting)

    • 60th Anniversary Celebration proposals: May 5, 6, or 12

    • Commission on Common Ownership Communities (CCOC Complaint) lodged against the sale of 2 Webb Rd, Case No. 48-17

Note: After the board submitted their formal response to the complaint, the member withdrew the complaint. The case is now closed, and the stay against the sale of 2 Webb Rd has been lifted.

New Business

    • VOTE: To approve the spending of up to $8,000 from Reserves for the repair and remediation of the rental house at 1 McKay due to a hole in the siding.

    • Discussion and VOTE on 2018 Budget

    • VOTE: Election of 3 members to the Audit Committee for 1-year terms. The following names were submitted by the Nominating Committee:

1. Bob Yabroff – 9 Froude

2. Martine Burkel – 18 McKay

3. Annie Williams – 6 Thorne

4. Florence Lehr – 8 Webb

(Nominations also taken from the floor.)

    • VOTE: Election of 3 members to the Board of Directors for 3-year terms. The following names were submitted by the Nominating Committee:

1. Noy Davis – 35 Ericsson

2. Suzanne Wise – 37 Ericsson

3. Darla Cable – 14 Froude

4. Jackie Hoglund – 11 Russell

(Nominations also taken from the floor.)

    • Issues from the floor


By direction of the Board of Directors,

Matthew Zimmerman, Secretary

Members please note: You will receive a notice of your new coop fee amount soon after the approval of the 2018 budget. The new amount will be effective January 1, 2018. Please try to make the correct payment for January, especially for those of you who have automatic payments. Our bookkeeper will appreciate it.