Members Only Site is under construction...

It is the intent of the web-development team, working with the Board of Directors, to add additional content that should be accessible only to members of Cabin John Gardens. Such content will probably include meeting minutes, going back at least a year to when we started archiving the documents in a digital form. 

Once the Members Only Site is available, it will be necessary for any members who wish to gain access to this content, to choose an email address with which he or she can log-in to Google. This need not be a email address; it can belong to any domain in which you regularly receive email, but it must be set up in Google with a password known only to you, according to Google's terms and conditions. If you wish to use a account in order to access Cabin John Gardens, instead of using your other email account, and you do not already have a account, you can create one just for this purpose and you need not use it for anything else, but you will still have to keep track of the password associated with that account. Members are not required to have access to any restricted content; to opt-in to this arrangement by filling out the form below is entirely the member's choice.

Regardless of which type of email account you use, Cabin John Gardens will never post members' email addresses online, nor knowingly divulge any member's email address to any other party. The Cabin John Gardens online presence is maintained by Google, using a number of it's online tools, including Google Sites, Google Docs, and Gmail. To gain access to restricted content, you must have already provided Google with your email address, or chosen a new one using Gmail, in order to set up your Google Account and password. You need not (and should not) provide your Google password to Cabin John Gardens or anyone else; we will never access your Google account and have no way of doing so. The information you provide here is only used to maintain the mailing list which Google uses to control access to our restricted content.