Long-time CJG member Jane Slevin has passed away

posted May 28, 2013, 11:13 AM by Neele Johnston
Jane Slevin of 1 Thorne Road died at home of leukemia and lymphoma on Tuesday, May 21.  She is survived by her companion of almost 30 years - Danny Beyer -  her mother and her four siblings.

Jane had a passion for the beauty in ordinary things: like her garden, beloved books, travel, friends and the young people in her life.   Jane was a retired high school English teacher and mentored young teachers in her retirement.  Jane was a beloved aunt to many, great aunt to another generation and a special companion to her next door twin neighbors at 3 Thorne:  Olivia and August.

Jane worked towards improving the governance of Cabin John Gardens whenever she could.  She served on the board in the 1990s, worked on the revision of the CJG by-laws in the 00s and served on the nominating committee recently.  In 2010-11, Jane took on a research project for the board on parking issues as they relate to the rest of Montgomery County regulations.  In collaboration with others, she also finalized the fire lane research and got Montgomery County to finalize a fire lane and hydrant map that helps first responders know the locations of the CJG hydrants.

Jackie Hoglund and Mary Tyszkiewicz are organizing an informal gathering to honor Jane’s memory as an almost 30 year member of this community.  This afternoon pot-luck will be held at the community house sometime in June.  More details to follow.