Paving status update for Friday, September 26

posted Sep 25, 2014, 7:06 PM by Neele Johnston   [ updated Sep 25, 2014, 7:06 PM ]
To: All Members

CJG East Side:

As planned, soil stabilization was completed on the East side of Ericsson Road today. Today was especially challenging due to the heavier than expected rainfall last night. The Ruston soil stabilization crew was pushed to their limits to get the muck under control. A number of east-side members had a major challenge getting their cars out this morning and up the hill through the deep muck. The extra challenge led to the Ruston crew having to work into the night finishing up the top section of Ericsson, but there was never really a viable option of leaving it until tomorrow. Some members had to find other parking when they returned home and found the top section of Ericsson still torn up. Thankfully, it has all now been completed and Ericsson is as solid (if not more so) as all the rest of the streets, with the possible exception of one or two pockets that still need to be solidified. For Friday, September 26, as well as the first part of next week, there will be no more closings on the East side.

CJG West Side:

Due to the inclement weather, the planned asphalt paving of the three western roads was put off until tomorrow. Instead, today, on the west side, they were just beginning the process of backfilling behind the curbs properly. The work that had been planned for today will be performed tomorrow:

Friday, September 26, all of Russell Rd., Thorne Rd., and McKay Circle will be closed for the first layer of asphalt paving. There will be no parking from 7am - 5pm on Russell, Thorne, and McKay. Parking will be available on Ericsson, Webb, Froude, and the Community House.

Next Week:

Monday, September 29, all of Webb Rd. and the West side of Ericsson Rd. will be closed for the first layer of asphalt paving. There will be no parking from 7am - 5pm on Webb and Ericsson West. Parking will be available on Ericsson East, Froude, Russell, Thorne, and McKay. The Community House lot will be inaccessible on Monday, due to the closure of Webb Rd. If your car is already parked in the Community House lot, you may leave it there on Monday only if you are sure you will not need to get it out during the day. If you anticipate needing to get your car out, from the West side, during the day on Monday, you should re-park it over on the East side or across MacArthur Blvd. before 7am.


Weather permitting, Ruston plans to complete the first layer of asphalt paving next week. The East side will probably be paved on Wednesday and Thursday. Keep in mind that this first layer is not the full 3" of additional pavement that the contract calls for. Consequently, you will still see areas where the pavement height does not quite reach the lip of the concrete gutter or many of the storm drain inlets, causing storm water to pool in the street next to the gutter or drain. This is not a problem! Rest assured that the grade has been carefully planned and it will be brought up to conform to the plan by the time they are finished. That will be one of the last, if not the very last, steps of the project, still several weeks away. In that final layer of asphalt paving, the height of the blacktop will be at or slightly above the concrete gutters and drain inlets, there will be a noticeable "crown", or raised arc, across the middle of the road, to aid in storm water sheeting away from the middle and toward the gutter, and the speed humps will be added in. In the mean time, there is still a lot of work to be completed outside the curbs: backfill and topsoil grading of yards or gravel parking pads, completion of several walkways and driveways, etc. The first layer of asphalt, which is being applied now, should provide relief from the vast majority of the dust and mud problems we have been living with the past few weeks.

As of today, the most difficult and highest impact aspects of the paving project have been completed. The Board of Directors appreciates the patience and understanding that the members have shown over these past few, very challenging weeks.