Vehicle and Parking Policy Development

A volunteer committee outside the Board of Directors has been working since early June, at the request of the Board, on a draft policy for parking of all types of vehicles, as well as requirements regarding commercial vehicles, in order to begin enforcing restrictions within our community that conform to the standards laid down by Montgomery Co. The PDF document linked below includes an introductory explanation of the purpose and task of the Vehicle Policy Committee, background material concerning relevant county regulations, and the current working DRAFT of the Vehicle Policy document.

The majority of the information that is in the Vehicle and Parking Policy mirrors Montgomery County regulations.  A couple of Board written extensions were created - for example what is defined as shared parking resources and how those are managed.  The Board's recommendation to the Membership is that we should conform to the County regulations that are applicable and and keep whatever extension or additions to a minimum.
Neele Johnston,
Jul 5, 2013, 7:11 AM