Next Membership Meeting

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2013 7:30 pm 

Order of Business:

  1. Notice of meeting, proof of
  2. Minutes 
  3. Officer and committee reports
  4. Old business
    • Paving Update 
    • Update on Home/Yard Modification Policy & Forms
  5. New business
    • Welcome new members 
      • 8 McKay – Patrick & Allison DeGravelles
      • 15 McKay – Ralph (Buddy) & Debra Morgal
    • VOTE on Election of 3-5 Members for a Nominating Committee (see Bylaws section below) 
    • VOTE on designating a portion of the land at the end of Thorne Rd. as a memorial garden for Jane Slevin
  6. Adjournment

By direction of the Board of Directors,

Joel Ann Todd, Secretary

PLEASE NOTE:   The Board of Directors has updated the Home/Yard Modification Package and is continuing to update it as needed.  Members planning a Modification should obtain an up-to-date copy – you can request a copy by contacting the CJG Manager, or you can obtain a copy at the Office during office hours or from the Cabin John Gardens web site.  

We encourage any member considering any of the changes listed below to obtain the most up-to-date Home/ Yard Modification Package:

1. Change in elevation or footprint of a house

2. New shed (with greater than 125 cubic feet capacity), outbuilding, deck, pool, hot tub, retaining wall (over 30 inches), driveway, or any other structure requiring a Montgomery County permit (smaller sheds must comply with county setback requirements).

3. New fence or replacement fence if the kind or location differs from existing fence or if no permit has ever been issued for the existing fence.

4.  Permanent removal of fences except those bordering streets.

Meeting Reschedule Notice

The Board apologizes for having to do this but we have to reschedule the September Quarterly meeting to October 17th. The electronic version did not go out in time to provide proper notice so this necessitated the reschedule.

Additionally, to allow for sufficient time for the budget process and Nominating Committee the Board has set the date for the December meeting to the 12th of December 2013.

Again, our apologies for the schedule change and we look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.

Sincerely Yours,
CJG Board of Directors


Section 1. Nominating Committees. 



Section 1.  Nominating Committees.

  1. At the quarterly meeting of the membership last preceding the annual meeting, the Members shall elect a nominating committee of not less than three and not more than five Corporation members to serve for a period of one year, or until election of their successors.  No officer, employee, or director shall be eligible to serve on this committee, and the committee shall select its own chairman.  The committee shall nominate at least one person for the office of each director whose term is to expire at the next annual meeting and at least one person for the office of each director whose term is to expire at the next annual meeting and at least three persons for the audit committee.  It shall present such nomination to the Secretary in writing at least twelve days before the election.  The Secretary shall include the list of nominations in the notice of meeting to each Member of the Corporation.
  2. Whenever a vacancy on the board of Directors or the audit committee shall occur prior to the expiration of the holder’s term of office, the nominating committee shall thereupon nominate one or more persons to fill such vacancy.  Such nomination(s) shall be presented to the Secretary not less than twelve days prior to the next meeting of the Membership, and the Secretary shall include such nomination(s) in the notice of such meeting to each Member.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the meeting at which the election is held, provided the consent of the nominee is first obtained.  Whereupon, the vacancy shall be filled by vote of the Members at such meeting.  Vacancies on the nominating committee shall be filled by vote of the Members at the membership meeting following the occurrence by such vacancy.